Entities that have established the Interregional Organization:

  • United Nations Association of Russia
  • Russian Committee of ICOMOS
  • International Humanitarian Academy Europe-Asia
  • Bolgar Islamic Academy
  • Association of Azerbaijani Culture “Simurg”
  • Samara Institute of the Modern Humanitarian Academy
  • Institute of the Culture of Peace (UNESCO)
  • Kazan Innovative University
  • Institute of International Relations, History and Oriental Studies of Kazan Federal University
  • University of Management TISBI
  • Kazan State Institute of Culture
  • Academy of Informatization of the Republic of Tatarstan

The Interregional Organization has established a representative office in the Samara Oblast and is working on the opening of the offices in Azerbaijan (Baku), Iran (Tehran), and Dagestan, Russia (Makhachkala).

After official openings and registrations of the offices in other countries, the Interregional Organization will be renamed the International Nongovernmental Organization. As an international nongovernmental organization, it intends to apply to the UN and UNESCO to acquire a consultative status with the appropriate offices of those organizations.

For the implementation of its program goals, the Interregional Organization aims to cooperate with the following entities:

— Public and private educational institutions, primarily classic universities of near-Volga and near-Caspian subjects of Russia and universities of Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan, and their appropriate associations, including the Association of State Universities of Caspian Sea Region Countries and others;

— Governmental and nongovernmental organizations involved in the development of the Volga-Caspian integration, including the Center for International and Political Research “Caspian Sea-Eurasia” of Astrakhan State University and others;

— Nongovernmental, governmental, and municipal organizations and entities whose activities are linked with the strengthening of intercultural dialogue, the development of humanitarian ties in science, culture, education, tourism, protection and preservation of cultural heritage in the Volga-Caspian region.