Volga Route

International nongovermental organization
"Volga-Caspian Commanwealth" – «GREAT VOLGA ROUTE»

“Rivers can divide banks, but they can also unite cities, peoples, and states. The significance of the Great Volga Road for the development of Eurasia’s economy and culture becomes more and more evident. Its huge role in the emergence and  development of Kazan, which is situated in the very center of the Great Volga Road, is also evident.”

(Quioted from a speech to the partici pants of the
UNESCO Great Volga Road Project, 28th August 2005)

We have established the Interregional nongovernmental organization
«Volga-Caspian Commonwealth «The Great Volga Road»
  • In the context of growing and complicating historical challenges linked with the transformation of the modern world and international relations
  • Keeping in mind the growing role of horizontal public diplomacy and of nongovernmental community organizations and the necessity of the creation of new platforms for dialogue and cooperation on a wide scale
  • Paying attention to the necessity of more active interaction between IT, scientific, educational, youth, humanitarian, democratic, and spiritual centers in the most promising region of Eurasia – the Volga-Caspian region possessing key strategic importance for the Caspian countries and the whole world
  • Noting the key role of the United Nations in the development of international cooperation in all spheres and keeping in mind the strategy of the development of regional agreements aimed at the strengthening of intercultural dialogue, peace and security proclaimed by the UN
  • Acknowledging the strategic proximity of interests of the Caspian countries and regions united culturally and economically by the water way of the Volga and Caspian Sea